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How to play a Memory Game?

Every memory game might have a similar game play mechanic, in this case the game mechanic is to present images or sequences to the player, then the player has to identify where those images location are or to repeat a sequence that has been presented. It is important to highlight that every sequence repeated in a game will help the player to enhance focus and speed of response. By playing constantly memory games the user will improve gradually the capacity of retention.

To play a out top memory games you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the memory game

    Tap on the icon of the game in your mobile phone

  2. Tap on the Play Button

    After tapping in the play button the sequence will start. Ready, GO!

  3. Match the sequence

    The game starts right away so you must pay attention and follow the sequence to match the game pattern.

How to contact support?

You can reach us at

Where can I find the memory games?

You have to visit and then click on “Memory Games”, you will find a list of our memory games. Also you can visiot Google play Store or Apple App store and search for TAPQUAD or Primemory.