TAPQUAD, developed two iOS mobile apps to improve human lifestyle, Repeller and AirportBoard. Repeller mobile app is an Ultrasonic mosquito repellent that use your mobile device speakers to send an ultrasound frequency that scares away mosquitos and bees. Airportboard, is a mobile iOS app created to write and show messages on a phone or a table, perfect for picking passengers at the airport, or showing a lovely message, or just to share your thoughts in public.

Tapquad’s Best seller apps, one to serve an audience that has a message to share.

AirportBoard a lifestyle mobile app, A message board in your device, write and show your messages to everybody

AirportBboard, Mobile App

Get for iOs, AirportBoard A message board app in your device, write and show what is in your mind to everybody

Repel Mosquitos and Bees with Repeller Mobile App, an Ultrasonic mosquito and bee repellent.

Ultrasonic Mosquito and Bee Repellent mobile app for Lifestyle - Repeller App for Outdoors

Repeller Mobile App Mosquito Repellent

Repeller, an Ultrasonic mosquito and Bee repellent, perfect for outdoors, get it for iOS.

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