Mobile apps with a meaningful impact on our lifestyle

TAPQUAD developed two mobile apps to help improve our lifestyle, these apps are Repeller and AirportBoard.

  • Repeller mobile app is an application that use ultrasonic frequencies to repel mosquitos and bees too.
  • AirportBoard is a mobile app, that allows the user to write and display the message on a phone or a tablet screen.

Ideal for Uber, Lyft, cab or taxi drivers to display the name of the passenger(s) at the airport or any location, or by showing a lovely message, or just to share your thoughts in public!

In addition to been used by drivers to indicate the name of the passenger, they will be picking up. We discovered some customers are using it in discos, bars, and clubs to place the order of drinks and food. Brilliant!

How they do it?

Open AirportBoard, and just type your order, then show it to a server or a bartender. This is a smart way to save your voice in a noisy environment.

AirportBoard a lifestyle mobile app, A message board in your device, write and show your messages to everybody

AirportBboard, Mobile App

Get for iOs, AirportBoard A message board application in your device, write and show what is in your mind to everybody

Interesting enough, we conceived the idea of this fantastic mobile app after one tragic event that happened to one of our founder’s wife. She got bitten by a mosquito and got dengue fever.

Motivated by this illness, we invest time researching about frequencies that helped to minimize the chances to get a mosquito bite. We took all that knowledge and designed this beautiful and useful mobile app.

Repeller has been tested in Canada, United States, Colombia, Venezuela and in other tropical countries and our users keep getting it and we are thankful because we want them to do everything possible to be safe.

To know more about the frequencies and which flying insect could be repelled visit the app store.

Ultrasonic Mosquito and Bee Repellent mobile app for Lifestyle - Repeller mobile Application for Outdoors

Repeller Mobile Appplication - Mosquito Repellent

Repeller, an Ultrasonic mosquito and Bee repellent, perfect for outdoors, get it for iOS.

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