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Repeller App: Mosquito Repellent

TAPQUAD® Repeller™ a Mosquito Repeller App

Repeller™ is an ultrasound mosquito repellent.

The app utilized  multiple ultrasound frequency modes that might keep mosquitos and other insects  like bees away from you.

The effectiveness will vary depending on the environmental conditions, type of mosquito or insect or the way the phone has been used.

Repeller requires your device to not be “mute”, external speakers will provide a different result, the wave of the ultrasound will cover a certain area. 

Update: Currently under revision and development for iOS – Coming Soon.

Mosquito Repellent -Repeller App

Why Repeller as a Mosquito Repellent?


Available for iOS and Amazon Kindle OS. Get it in the Apple App Store or at the Amazon App Store.


Repeller App use multi-frequency ultrsound unique for every case tht we noticed worked with some kind of mosquitos.

Amplify with external speakers

Use Repeller App with any Bluetooth speakers to amplify the waves

Works in Outdoors

Repeller most be used in open spaces or outdoors, the ultrasound in confined spaces could be harmful

Listen to Music while using Repeller

Repeller work in the background even with your music playing.

Don't use with Headphones

Repeller is designed to be use with the phone speakers, or with a paired wireless speakers but Never use it with Headphones.

Attention: This app won’t prevent mosquitos bites from Zika, dengue mosquitos, Nile west virus, malaria, and/or any other mosquito bite related decease. Insects can act or react differently depending on the environmental conditions, like rain, wind, and/or other sounds.

How does the mosquito repellent Repeller™ Works?

Mosquito repellent demostration in a park during summer in Canada - Repeller App in Action