Boongo is a digital toy/Game that helps develop cognitive, motor and sensory skills and early recognition of sounds, vowels and numbers in two languages, English and Spanish (Español). This is the first game of its kind designed by TAPQUAD with e-learning experts and pedagogical support from early childhood educators in Canada.

Boongo will come back to iOS soon, we are adding extra special fun and improving the entire experience. But If you are an Android or Kindle Fire user you can find and install Boongo for your children today.

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TAPQUAD, INC. is a game studio founded in 2015 and focus on delivering the most amazing interactive experience in education, entertainment worldwide. With years of expertise designing and developing apps on mobile platforms, we decided to apply our knowledge on creating unique gameplay experiences for mobile casual gamers and video game consoles gamers.

2017 Marked an important change in our game/app catalog, we created the PriMemory®️ game platform and launched 5 Memory Fun experiences that casual mobile gamer can have fun by challenging family and friends.

We invite you to download one of our editions each has a twist in the artificial intelligence response engine, that thousands of game players enjoy every day.

TAPQUAD®️ is using the latest technology and innovating the meaning of game design and developing games with a twist that goes beyond entertainment and cross the board to education.



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