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TAPQUAD® AirportBoard™ a Mobile Message Board

AirportBoard is a mobile App that allow you to use the screen of your smartphone or tablet to easily communicate a message!


Why AirportBoard?

Use it at the Airport

When you are picking someone at the airport, you can use AirportBoard to type the name of the person or the group you are looking for.

Use it for a Ride

A driver might be looking for one person or people and Airportboard can be used to help indentify people in a crowd.

Show a message

Share a thought or a message to someone. Just a Simple "Congratulations". Or "We support you".

Designed for Tablets

AirportBoard was originally designed for tablets. A bigger screen will help to show the message you want to communicate .

Logo in the board

AirportBoard for Kindle Fire OS has two versions. The first version allows the upload and use of logos, this could be usedful for corporate events.

Customized your Message

AirportBoard allows you to change background and font colors.

AirportBoard Interface
With AirportBoard adding messages is so simple, in three steps you will be communicating what you want!
Works with iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android!