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Use 1Link™ App and Save 5X in While Promoting you App or Game

1Link App Creates Universal Links for Mobile Apps and Games

1Link™ is a reliable, cost-efficient platform that allows the creation of universal smartlinks for your multi-platform mobile apps or games.

Use 1Link™ App and Save 5X in While Promoting you App or Game

Save Up to 5X by Optimizing the Way to Promote your Apps or Games

With 1Link App, you can use one link to promote your cross-platform mobile App and mobile Games.
1Link is an AaaS (App as a Service) revolutionary concept that helps you to manage your unique links for your cross-platform Apps and Games.
By creating your unique universal link for your App or Game, it helps to reduce up to five times the operational cost and the expenditures for Ads to promote your Apps and Games while increasing downloads.
With the traditional digital marketing model, you have to create two or more campaigns, one per platform and using each of the app stores per target. This outdated model at minimum represents a doubling or quintupling the cost of advertising if your App or Game exists in more than one platform (Android, iOS, iPadOs, Windows, Mac, Amazon Kindle Fire Os).
You are in the right place; with 1Link, you can reduce up to 5X the operational, planning and raw advertising cost by making one campaign and promoting your new one link.
Simple, right? It is.
1Link App requires a monthly subscription, starting at USD 1.49. 
Each App Store manages the 1Link subscription charges, and the prices vary per region, of course, you can cancel anytime. Savings in your marketing budget are essential now more than ever when we are in a world that changed due to the Covid-19.
If you are interested in a trial for 30 days, please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

Use 1Link™ App and Save 5X in While Promoting you App or Game

A at glance explore the features of 1Link Platform

One App

One App to manage multiple universal links for your apps and games.

Data Analytics

View all the App Store visits stats within 1Link App.

In-App Notifications

Get important notification about your app/game link(s) status.

Use 1Link™ App and Save 5X in While Promoting you App or Game

Multi-platform/ Cross-Platform Links

Create one universal link for Apps or Game linking to multiple App Stores.

Tech Support

24/7 support and server monitoring.

Secure & Reliable platform

Server uptime 99.8%

Frequently Asked Questions

Universal links are single links for multiple-platforms games or apps that detect the user platform providing a view of the user-platform store listing.

1Link™ is the ideal solution for a reliable, affordable, universal smart link for your mobile apps and games.

With 1Link you can easily access any Android or iOS application’s link and glance at measurements and key information on a convenient dashboard screen.

1Link makes managing your applications links easy from any Android or iOS device. 1Link App is an essential tool for any agency or studio that is developing applications.

1Link App will help you save up to 5X in the raw cost of promoting an App or Game. Why? simple you have to launch one campaign using your 1Link universal link, traditionally you will be launching digital campaigns per platform, increasing your costs. Not anymore!

Also by using 1Link for your games and app you increase the changes of getting your app or game downloaded.

1Link App provides a solution for agencies and developers that are looking for valuable insights like the number of visits to every platform version of apps or games.

For Digital Marketing professionals or agencies, 1Link provides a single platform where the individual visits to the app page in the App store are collected, representing the top of the funnel for consideration in the customer journey. The visit data is collected individually per app store and easy to be displayed on the go in the 1Link App. Also, it is an effective way to promote your App or game in social media, Ads and print.

For Developer, 1Link provides a way to see the performance of the interest of your game or App.
1Link provides a quantifiable way to evaluate the awareness generated on your App or game like never seen before and will help you to make decisions.

Once you finish your App configuration and create your links, 1Link unique vanity URL detects and serves the links according to the visitor platform.

Yes. It is available and iOS, you can download it at

1Link supports links for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle OS, Window and Mac OS (Supported only from request) .

  1. Download 1Link App using this link:
  2. Create your account
  3. Purchase your Universal Link subscription within the App
  4. Click on the (+) icon and add one App or Game
  5. Complete the stores where your App or Game is available.
  6. Add a Default link to provide a path for those visitors that have no access to the App Stores. 
  7. Save!
  8. Your link will be reviewed and approved by our AI.
  9. You will get a notification and your universal link.
  10. Done, now it is time to share and track your universal link performance!

Note: The data collected during the visit of the visitor is anonymous, 1Link will not identify, collect or store personal information collected from 1Link.

The universal links created by 1Link App use the following format:”Your-App-name.”

1Link App is Free to download, but we offer In-App-Purchase Subscriptions that will vary depending on your country’s currency.
The subscriptions are for one universal link, three universal links or five universal links. (depending of the platform)
For example, the cost ranges for the monthly subscriptions start at USD 1.49 and increase depending of the number of links you want to add.
Annual subscriptions have a discounted price.(Depends of the App Store)

Depending of the platform, you can  upgrade or downgrade your subscription, this way you can increase the number of apps or games available to create universal links.
For example, an Agency might manage campaigns for apps or games, and they will need to have multiple subscriptions to manage their customer base. 1Link App will allow managing multiple universal links for various subscriptions.

If you are a publisher or an agency looking to use 1Link App in a massive scale, please contact us at

You can manage as many Apps or Games as you like within the universal link subscriptions purchased.

By using our App and Services you agreed to the 1Link App and Services Terms of Use