A Simplified Approach to Shorten and Track App Store Links with 1Link App

1Link App essential tool for marketers to create smart links

In the fast-paced digital world we live in, the efficiency of sharing information is paramount. This holds particularly true for app developers and marketers who constantly seek innovative methods to promote their creations. One of the cornerstones of successful app promotion lies in the ability to share links to app store pages conveniently and effectively. Enter the 1Link App, a powerful tool that offers a simple yet comprehensive solution to shorten and track app store links with unprecedented ease.

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TAPQUAD Inc. Launched 1Link™ App

Use 1Link App to create smart links and save up to 5X in your marketing to promote Apps & Games

1Link™ is a Platform that Allows the Creation of Universal Links for Multi-Platform Apps or Games. 1Link App tracks the visits of each App Store within the App helping to understand the awareness and interest of Your Games or Apps. TAPQUAD Developed the 1Link App as Part of Their Universal Focus and Vision for Creating Lifestyle Apps and Meaningful Mobile Games.


Aug 21, 2023 (Updated) – TAPQUAD is a revolutionary in the mobile app development industry, with a vision and focus on creating lifestyle apps and meaningful mobile games.

What is 1Link? 1Link is a multi-platform link generator for apps or games all known as smart links or a way to short URLs.

With 1Link App, marketers can manage mobile application smart links efficiently from any Android or iOS device, or a Mac Os device. The 1Link App is an essential tool for any agency or studio that is developing applications. It allows you to manage multi-platform smart-links and stats.

The Mobile 1Link App provides a solution for agencies and developers who may be looking for valuable insights. For example, 1Link provides clients with the number of visits to every platform version of apps or games, this is essential for forecasting marketing budget per platform and understanding user engagement. One important aspect of smart-links generated with 1Link App is that there is not code involved in creating, managing or implementing the smart links for Apps and Games.

1Link provides a single platform where the individual visits to the app page in the App store are collected, representing the top of the funnel for consideration in the customer journey, also known as awareness in the marketing funnel. The visit data is collected individually per App Store and easy to be displayed on the go in the 1Link App. It’s also an effective way to promote your App or Game in social media, ads, and print.

For a developer, 1Link provides a way to see the performance of the interest of your game or App. 1Link provides a quantifiable way to evaluate the awareness generated on your App or game like never seen before and will help to make decisions.

1Link makes it simple to create one smart-link for multi-platform apps or games. 1Link supports links for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle OS, Mac Os, Windows. Once you’ve created your universal smart-link, 1Link unique vanity  short URL detects and serves the links according to the visitor platform. 1Link App provides a quick and straightforward way for developers to create an easily accessible link in just a matter of minutes.

If keeping up with your links feels complicated, let 1Link simplify the process for you.

Find out how the 1Link App can make accessing and organizing your Apps or Games smart-links easy. Check out 1Link by TAPQUAD® to stay on the cutting-edge of customer’s expectations and ahead of the competition. With 1Link, you can easily organize your smart-links and track your data. Get started by visiting the TAPQUAD website today.

About TAPQUAD Inc: TAPQUAD is a development studio founded in 2012, with the main focus of creating lifestyle apps and meaningful mobile games. TAPQUAD® developed 1Link™, a platform for universal smart-links that changes the way we share multi-platform applications and games. TAPQUAD used the 1Link platform for its apps and games, and you should be using it too.

Contact Information:
Name: G. E. Pineda
Phone Number: (905) 876-4548
Address: support@tapquad.com

Empowering Marketers Globally with Smart Multi-Platform Universal Links

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, mobile apps and games are taking the world by storm. As more and more businesses harness the power of smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices, the competition in the mobile app and gaming industry intensifies. To stand out and succeed in this fiercely competitive market, marketers need an edge. Enter the 1Link App – a powerful tool that every marketer promoting apps or mobile games globally should have in their arsenal.

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